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A Diplomatic Whistleblower in the Victorian Era: The Life and Writings of E. C. Grenville-Murray
G. R. Berridge
2013, Berridge/DiploFoundation

Unlike Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden, the most well-known whistleblowers of the present day, Eustace Clare Grenville-Murray (1823-1881), the illegitimate son of an English duke and an actress who was also a lover of Lord Palmerston, did not make public highly classified documents. Instead, while serving as a diplomat, behind the fragile shield of anonymity he employed satire and ridicule in books, periodicals, and newspapers to attack the aspects of diplomacy he disliked. This book is based on private family papers, diplomatic correspondence, recently digitised nineteenth century British newspapers, and Grenville-Murray’s own vast literary output, as well as on many other primary sources. It is the first biography of this journalist-diplomat to be published.... read more

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