Aini is a young Asian diplomat struggling to make sense of the Internet issues that she often has to deal with in her job. Diplomat's job is increasingly moving from traditional issues to specialised ones, including Internet, climate change and migration.

Aini's Minister recognises her worth and sets high standards. He is charged by his cabinet to get to grips with Internet Governance since the massively increased activity in social media is something that the Government feels a little panicky about. Many are concerned about dominance of the US companies in social media and move of data to "clouds" located abroad.  Cybersecurity becomes an important issue. The cabinet is clear that it hasn't got a grasp of the complex issues that need to make informed policy. There are more questions than answers.

Seen as a high flying, effective and ambitious civil servant, Aini is sent to New York. Determined to succeed, Aini is nonetheless feeling slightly sick.....




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