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Education Diplomacy Day – Developing an emerging concept for sustainable development
By Katharina Hone on 13 Oct 2014 | From the channel/s:

Education Diplomacy Day, organised by the Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI) and DiploFoundation, took place on 7 October in Geneva. ACEI started developing the emerging concept of Education Diplomacy in 2009, and the concept is still under construction.

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Bitcoin: boom or bust?
By Simona Cioroiu on 3 Oct 2014 | From the channel/s:
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Yesterday, at the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne, Switzerland, more than 100 people gathered to watch a debate between the  ‘Bitcoin Jesus’  Roger Ver and the IMD’s Professor of Finance Arturo Bris.  Of those present, just 30% were actual Bitcoin users.

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Bitcoin developments
By Editor on 1 Oct 2014 | From the channel/s:
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During the summer, Budapest joined other cities in the world (New York, Dallas, Canberra, Johannesburg, and Douglas, Isle of Man) as its first first Bitcoin ATM (aka BTM - Bitcoin teller machine), was unveiled in a bar (Anker...

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From film house to ghost house: eight former embassies around the world
By Mary on 19 Sep 2014 | From the channel/s:
Looking Sideways, Home

Blogger Craig Thompson takes a look at how former embassies around the world have been repurposed. I thought it interesting. I think you might enjoy it, too.


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High optimism and low realism mark the start of the 9th IGF in Istanbul
By Editor on 3 Sep 2014 | From the channel/s:
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The opening session of the 9th IGF in Istanbul featured 21 speakers from government, business, academia, and civil society.

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Humanitarian diplomacy learning for the Americas
By Editor on 12 Jun 2014 | From the channel/s:

Margarita Griffith is Learning Officer for the America Zone Office of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) in Panama.

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The power and limitations of visual metaphors
By Vladimir Veljasevic on 12 May 2014 | From the channel/s:
Internet Governance, Home

I usually communicate by drawing. This time, I will write a text. There is a saying that one picture conveys a thousand words. Sometimes I wonder if the opposite applies to me. I am part of Diplo’s Creative Lab, and Professor of Drawing and Printmaking at the Faculty of Arts in Belgrade.

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Crowd Funding a Scholarship Fund for Developing States
By petecranston on 7 May 2014 | From the channel/s:

Online crowd funding is deeply fashionable so we ventured into this new world with some trepidation. Just how valuable is Diplo’s work in supporting small and developing states develop capacity for effective engagement in international meetings and negotiations?

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Creating a conducive environment for students of diplomacy
By Editor on 8 Apr 2014 | From the channel/s:

By its nature, diplomacy cuts across cultures, bringing people from many different backgrounds together in the same room. Creating an environment that is conducive to cooperation and knowledge sharing is important.

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"More inclusive and effective diplomacy is a necessity"
By Editor on 20 Mar 2014 | From the channel/s:
Diplomacy, Home

‘Diplo’s work on making diplomacy more inclusive and effective is a necessity of our time. We need to engage the broader society in crucial discussions on the future of our world’, explained the Hon.