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About the project

The Emerging Language of Internet Diplomacy is a research project on the reference frameworks, concepts and approaches, terminology, and patterns of communication used in the Internet Governance Fourm (IGF). The pilot project covered IGF meetings from 2006-2011. The project continued with successive IGF meetings, and included analysis of the NETmundial meeting convened in March 2014. The latest updates, analysing the IGF 2014 opening speeches, text-mining analysis of Day 2, and text-mining analysis of Days 3 and 4 of IGF 2014, are now available.

The research project is made possible through the availability of verbatim reporting at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) meetings. Most IGF speeches and debates are transcribed simultaneously by specialised stenographers and immediately displayed on a large screen in the conference room, as well as via the Internet. Transcripts are also stored and available for download on the IGF website.

All available transcripts from the Main Sessions, MAG meetings, Preparatory Events, and Workshops, have been collated into a single text corpus – a database of linguistic utterances indexed by speaker, country, stakeholder, gender, session, topic, etc – and submitted to a set of standard quantitative language analyses.

Following the successful completion of the pilot project, the project team continued to database the transcripts, mapping each intervention according to stakeholder, country of origin, session, and other categorisation parameters. The project was first presented at the IGF 2012 in Baku.

The team is now preparing a full research project. Please let us know if you are interested to support or/and join the project.

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